About acacia

I’m freaking terrible about talking about myself.. so here’s my best shot.

I’m not from MN, I was born and raised in Arizona. I choose to live in Minnesota.. despite some of my complaints about the weather and personality differences, I really do love it here.

I love portrait photography, working with high school seniors and title holders is kind of my main thing. I love to help people feel gorgeous and I want to erase the stigma of perfection. Life is messy, and not every hair will always be in place, but your smile is gorgeous every time you show it.

While I love photography, it’s not my main deal. I work on a photography/marketing team for a large company out here in northern MN. I am also a wife, I have two dogs- no kids- and I love to eat Mexican food.

If you have any other questions, feel free to talk with me. I am an open book.